Workshop and Seminar Testimonials



"Tim Cooper is an absolutely extraordinary teacher. I say this from the perspective of a college professor and an amateur photographer for over 35 years. Good teaching involves clear, engaging presentations that make the complex both simple and memorable. Tim does that and much more. He brings in missing pieces of information and creates ah-ha moments with every topic. So, once you hear about the limited view of the human eye in the composition class or see the colors that ensure perfect zone exposures, you will have real know-how that you can use from that moment on. If you’re like me, you expect photography classes to be filled with beautiful pictures; you want the presenter to have a flawless, professional flow and a relaxed, open delivery; you hope to be inspired to shoot more and better. You will certainly get all of that in Tim’s classes. But what will surprise you is how much you will learn, how deeply your techniques will be enhanced, and how empowered you will be. And you will walk away with something more: the confidence to transform your photographic visions into reality."

Linda L.

San Diego, CA


"I have Tim's CD's, heard him lecture and attended several of his workshops. He is a terrific educator. He does his homework and knows tons about photography. Tim always goes the extra mile to make certain his audience gets spot on information and answers. Best of all, Tim is a real person. One that you can get to know. Tim has a great sense of humor and tremendous concern for making certain he always delivers his clients expectations."

Gary O.


"I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your seminars and found them to be very informative. As a college graduate with a BA in Photography, your workshops touched on and reinforced principals which I am already familiar with, but also introduced some great new ideas and inspiration and forces me to acknowledge, more than ever, how much I truly love photography, and how I want nothing more than to do this for a living!"

Justin S.P.


"My husband and I have attended two very diverse workshops with Tim Cooper, and in each his approach to his students was exceptional in sensitivity to individual needs, patience in teaching style, and total grasp of his subject matter. If you need to transition from film to digital or learn photographic techniques applicable to both, Tim is both a patient teacher and a knowledgeable professional who can bring you to the next level in your photography skill".

Ellen K.

New York, NY


"I have been fortunate to participate in two workshops with Tim Cooper. Additionally, I purchased Tim's DVDs. I am certain that I have learned more about photography (from how to set up my tripod to how and why to manage my depth of field and how to deal with light, color, contrast and cropping) from Tim Cooper than any other place in my sixty years of shutter snapping. Tim is an excellent photographer and teacher of photography. He's professional, down-to-earth and easy to understand."

William W.

Baton Rouge, LA


"Tim – thank you for presenting the terrific Photoshop tutorial today at Connect 113, which you did in a logical, clear, and understandable fashion, particularly for all of us Photoshop novices! Your editing examples (using Bridge) readily put “theory” into practice so that we could easily understand which techniques will achieve our desired results when we are not under your mentorship. I look forward to recommending your classes to both budding and professional designers and photographers."

Peter Baldwin

Alexandria, VA


"I just completed your RMSP weekend in Houston, it was fabulous!! So much information! I am confident I can capture better images because of attending your classes."

Penny G.

Houston, TX


"Tim, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Photoshop workshop you taught last week! I learned soooo much! It amazes me how YOU can teach someone who has never touched Photoshop and someone who works in it everyday, at the same workshop! And let me just say as a person who works in Photoshop very often, you taught me right from the beginning of the workshop! I can't wait to attend again!"

Sherri C.



"I want to thank RMSP for coming to Salt Lake City with your weekend seminar. I and others from my camera club felt that it was one of the best seminars of this type we have ever been to. Tim Cooper came extremely well prepared, with sharp concise programs and ran the seminar like clockwork. He was very knowledgeable and an effective speaker. The most important part he was able to bring each subject down to a level I was able to easily comprehend."

Jim H.



"Thanks for a great weekend workshop. Definitely hope you plan to return again soon--say twice a year, at least! Your laid-back style of teaching makes it so easy to learn, and believe me, after spending forty years teaching and working with teachers, I know what makes an excellent instructor, and you, sir, are definitely one."

Michael K.   Georgetown, IN.

"Tim, I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions in Allentown, PA several weeks ago. It was one of the best photography workshops I have attended!"

Allan H.

Clark Summit PA.


A Students View of Rocky Mountain School of Photography Weekends










I have purchased both the DVDs “Perfect Composition for Digital Photography” and “Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography”, and can’t tell you how many times I have watched and listened to them. They are the most comprehensive lectures one could ever find outside of a classroom. Also, I have taken several PS courses of which I felt Tim”s was the best. He kept it simple but was all inclusive, and well explained. He is a great teacher and photographer. Very knowledgeable.

Denny H.D.

Jefferson City, MO



I purchased your DVD on perfect exposure and I am so impressed by your teaching method. I learned so much, I do intend to purchase your other 2 DVD's! Learned a lot, but know I have ton's more to learn. Your DVD is great!! Thank You.

Sherry B.


Your “Perfect Composition For Digital Photography” DVD is outstanding. There are all types of photography training videos but very few on composition. This training has helped me see photographs that I was missing. I highly recommend it. Thanks again!

Don L.

Bella Vista, AK


I have Perfect Composition, Perfect Exposure, and Magic Light. I really enjoy all three and watch them regularly. I like the way you present the material and use examples to high light the subject material you're explaining. Your explanations are clear and through the use of examples they emphasize your teaching points. It is evident by your enthusiasm that you enjoying teaching and sharing your knowledge with others.

Brent W.


Your DVDs are professionally done and have been very helpful in my learning different skills. I have three or your DVDs "Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography - The Zone System of Metering & Shooting", Perfect Composition for Digital Photography - The Art of Shooting Great Photographs", and "Magic Light - The Landscape Photographer's Guide". I periodically go back to Perfect Exposure about the Zone System. That is my favorite DVD and it has definitely helped me in getting the right exposure. Thank you so much for creating these DVDs. I learn better from seeing how something is accomplished better than reading how to accomplish something.

Kaye B.

Coleman, FL


If anyone is on the fence trying to decide to spend the money on Tim Cooper's instructional videos, my advice is to shell out the money. You'll be glad you did. I've purchased both the "Perfect Exposure" and the "Magic Light" videos and was very pleased with each. Both videos offer more than just what the title might lead you to believe. Tim is very good at explaining the hows and whys of capturing stunning landscape images. Not only does he go over many details of the actual field techniques and camera settings but he also shares his wealth of knowledge in the digital darkroom. There are many tips and tricks regarding Photoshop and Lightroom and other software programs to help make your pictures the best they can be. These two videos helped me improve my skills as a photographer and led to many more keepers to add to my collection. These aren't videos you will view once and move on either......there is quite a bit of instruction in each and I go back to them now and then to find an answer I may need. Like I said above......go ahead and spend the money. These videos are worth it.

Fred F.

Kalispell, MT







"An excellent forum for beginning through intermediate users of Lightroom3! Tim's concise yet thorough presentations establishes a firm base line for the digital photographer to use to quickly and effectively process his or her images".

David H.


"Tim provided clear and patient instruction on a subject that does so very many things and can thus be elusive. His discussion of cataloguing was especially logical and clear".

Sonia S.


“I went into this workshop wanting to learn and understand Lightroom, and that's exactly what I got! Tim has a way of breaking down the information into a way that is understandable. He teaches you how to improve your workflow and how to get the most out of the program. I've walked away from this workshop feeling confident and capable of fine tuning my photos in Lightroom”.

Samantha L.


“Tim Cooper is a natural teacher and accomplished photographer who is thoroughly grounded in Lightroom 3 as the tool for the discerning photographer. He presents competently prepared and comprehensive lectures of importing, processing of personal images, printing, displaying in a slide show and publishing to the internet, as well as exporting to Photoshop CS5 for more refined processing, when desired. Unique to this Lightroom 3 workshop is the emphasis on composition of the fine print and how to achieve that in the Develop Module. Spontaneous questions which inevitably emerge in such a thorough presentation were handled respectfully and answered in detail. The hands on 1:1 time afforded by Tim and his assistant was very helpful to my understand of some difficult concepts”.

Ben W.